Medication Errors Are a Leading Cause of Hospitalization

Many seniors take multiple medications for a variety of health conditions. For individual home participants and other seniors in the home environment, trying to manage a medication regimen on their own can be challenging.

The tools patients need

UneekDose is an easy-to-use program offering pharmacy home delivery. Your medications are delivered directly from the pharmacy to your doorstep. The program is customized to meet your needs.



Medications are packaged in colorful, well-labeled boxes that clearly identify what medications should be taken and when.



Shipped directly to your home.



You avoid the hassles and costs of traveling to the pharmacy and dealing with insurance hiccups.


Health Literacy

With your medications, you’ll receive helpful information that tells you about each medication, including what you’re taking it for, along with photos to help you identify the medications.


Care Coordination

We work with your doctors to ensure your medication regimen stays up-to-date, removing and adding medications as needed.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3

UneekDose offers an innovative pharmacy solution to address the medication-related challenges of seniors during skilled nursing facility care transitions and getting started is easy.

Prescription Order

Your physicians coordinate prescription orders with.


Prescription Dispensing

Your medications are filled and organized into easy-to-understand packaging.

Prescription Delivery

Your medications are shipped to your home.